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Diabetes care for the cold months

Read up an easy guide to keep your diabetes in check this winter.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Come winter, and the cold brings with it some ailments and risk to the people with chronic health problems like diabetes. Diabetes of all types often worsened in cold months. Hence, the ailment needs good care. There is an easy guide to keep your diabetes in check during cold weather.
Keep away from cold and flu: Wash or sanitise your hands more often, especially before eating every time. If you are suffering from a runny nose or sneezing, use soft tissue paper.
Keep your head, hands and feet well covered: Wrap your whole body with comfortable woollens. Wear soft and warm caps, gloves, mittens and socks besides pullovers or jackets.
Keep stress at bay: Keep yourself busy in the activities you like to do. If you are feeling depressed, talk to your friends and let the stress go.
Keep yourself active: Cold weather leads to inactivity that contributes to high blood sugar level.
Use stairs instead of elevators. Don’t use your car to go to a local market. Walk it out.
Eat healthy: Winter season makes you want to eat more. Be mindful of what you eat. Avoid high calorie food and alcohol. Eat more of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoid alcohol.
Regular warm-up exercise: Physical workout of 30 minutes each day is a must. You may join a gym or jog in a park. Exercise keeps your body temperature up even hours after exercise and thus helps in maintaining good metabolism. It is also very essential to regulate sugar levels. If you are on insulin, its requirement may also go down with burning of calories.
Frequent blood sugar testing: Blood sugar testing takes a back seat in winters. With cold hands it seems more cumbersome to take out blood. Warm up your hands before testing and go for testing more often. 
Drink plenty of water and other healthy sugar free fresh drinks.
Take enough rest to keep your mind, body and heart peaceful.
Prevention is the best medicine. If you are facing trouble managing diabetes in winters even after taking all precautions and care, talk to your doctor immediately. Stay healthy and safe.