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Keep cough, cold at bay all winters

As the cold winter wind sweeps through it becomes tougher to keep cough and cold away.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Are you fearful of breathing problems in cold months? Common cold and cough, chest congestion and sneezing are the winter ailments caused by viral infection. As the cold winter wind sweeps through, one and all are affected. If your immune system is strong, you would be fine. But if you are already gripped by an ailment like cold or other respiratory disorder, it may worsen when the temperature falls. Once you catch cold or flu, it takes about seven days to resolve even after medication. Medicines may only reduce the symptoms. So, here are some activities to indulge in to stay protected from catching cough and cold and other winter ailments. 
Wash your hands before eating anything. You never know, you may pick up germs while touching objects which have come in contact with infected hands of a person suffering from cold.
Do heart pumping exercises like aerobics regularly. It will help in activation and growth of natural anti-virus cells of your body. 
Avoid touching your face frequently. Flu virus can enter your body through your eyes, nose and mouth. 
Smoke disturbs the immune system. It dehydrates the body and dries out the passage in the nose making the body more prone to catch cough and cold. Avoid it completely.
Say no to alcohol as it weakens your immune system, making you more likely to catch infections.
Eat more foods containing phytochemicals like dark green, yellow and red veggies and fruits.
Incorporate garlic in your diet. It may boost your immune system, making you less likely to catch infection during peak cold. 
Enchinacea tea is a proven immune promoter. It can prevent any infection from sinus to ear. It is commonly available in grocery shops. 
Fruits like kiwi are packed with vitamin C and minerals. Vitamin C rich fruits lessen the risk of cold and pneumonia. 
Low sodium vegetable juice of carrot, tomato, spinach and lemon can load your immune system with antioxidants. It may help protect you from cough and cold. 
Oregano is an antibacterial herb that can fight many infections. Its steam is inhaled to keep congestion at bay. 
Immune system accelerates up when you relax physically and mentally. Make sure to pamper yourself with any activity of your liking that calms you at least for half an hour a day in winter months. 
These actions will not let a cold or flu slow you down in cold weather. Say bye to winter diseases with this easy to follow guide. Keep yourself illness free. 
Having to avoiding chilly air does not mean confining oneself inside all the time. Feel free to wheel out when the sun is out.
By Deepa Gupta