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Safeguard yourself from aching arthritis

Ageing, injuries and weight gain puts extra pressure on joints making one prone to arthritis. 

SNS | New Delhi |

Arthritis is a common ailment but not well understood. How many of us are aware that there are more than 100 types of arthritis? The precise treatment plan necessitates correct diagnosis, not mere symptoms like pain and stiffness in joints.
The three most common ones are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Psoriatic arthritis.
Osteoarthritis is the most common type. When you overuse your joints, the wear and tear that ensues due to extra stress gives upswing to this problem. The weight bearing joints such as knees, hips, feet and spine are worse affected. Cartilage that shelters the end of the bones steadily breaks down over years due to ageing, obesity, joint injuries or any other form that puts extra stress on joints. It makes the movement painful. But you don’t feel sick or fatigued in this type of arthritis.
Symptoms – Morning stiffness, stiffness after resting, pain while walking, bending, squatting or climbing stairs, inability to move through a full range of motion.
Cure – Accelerated Spinal Muscle Regeneration is a proven treatment where in the identified muscle groups are isolated through advance technology. It provides a lasting cure unlike pain killers and surgery. Stem Cell treatment is also considered to be a miracle that can alleviate the pain and inflammation. Few natural treatments have also been appreciated. The Iyengar Yoga position at least for 20 minutes every morning can remove the stiffness. Massage and cold compress are also effective to reduce pain. Anti-inflammatory foods like strawberries, kiwi, grape fruit, lemon, garlic, onion, celery, parsley and a combination of soybean and avocado are good doses to speed up cartilage repair.
Rheumatoid Arthritis affects young and old. A trigger such as an infection or environmental factors activates a particular genes that some people have, making them susceptible to the disease. On contact with this trigger, the immune system begins to produce substances that attack the joints. This is where rheumatoid arthritis starts.
Symptoms – The stiffness usually starts in the morning and may last for most of the day. You may notice a fall in your appetite, weight and may feel fatigued. The symptoms can come and go but the disease may never go. It can affect your heart, lungs, skin, eyes, blood and nerves too.
Cure – There is no defined treatment for RA. Medication may reduce joint inflammation, relieve pain and slow down the joint damage. Physical therapy can also help protect joints from further damage. Some exercises and stretches combined with deep breathing may help in flexibility of joints. Add fish oil supplements, ginger, turmeric and green tea to your diet. Cold weather may worsen the problem. To ease this discomfort, get moving. If nothing is working, surgery is the last resort.
Psoriatic Arthritis may start in childhood but usually attacks between ages 30 – 50. New skin cells build up over the skin surface causing swollen blood vessels. It makes the skin patchy, red, scaly and itchy.
Symptoms – Inflammation of the skin and joints. Patchy, raised, white and red areas of inflamed skin with scales. Pitted or discoloured nails are also a part of symptoms.
Cure – A natural treatment of this disease is mare’s milk capsules and cream. They have the potential of curing skin conditions from inside out. Homeopathy also has a clean and clear treatment for the disease.
There has been a steady rise in the number of people suffering from arthritis. If you are also suffering, reduce further damage with right knowledge and right treatment. Consult the specialist and improve your quality of life.
— By Deepa Gupta