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Things to do before joining a gym

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Hustled up in our tight-schedule work regime and other daily activities one often neglect physical health. However the shift from fat to fit is taking over the fitness conscious world and the concept of workout and joining the gym is attracting more and more people today.

Now joining the gym fraternity completely depends on one's interest and motivation as there are no fixed conditions for joining a gym. But the first step for joining a gym is spending a good amount of time in choosing the right one. Factors like locality expenses flexibility in the workout schedule ambience of the gym and also the quality of the equipments and its cleanliness should be considered before registering as a member of the gym.

Once you commit yourself to a gym by paying hefty amounts prepare and treat your body well in advance for the physical fatigue that you may face through workouts. It can be achieved through a healthy diet and mild exercises. You can consult your gym instructor who can guide you best.

Start keeping a check on your weight calorie intake number and time of meals and type of food you are eating. Diet is the first thing to be taken care of. Start eating healthy and balanced diet full of nutrients and fibre. But you have to be consistent for best outcomes.

While joining a gym one has to keep the motivation high and bring stability in life if we are to achieve a perfectly admirable body. We often see people quitting every now and then in just a few months after joining a gym.

Start your day with drinking two to three glasses of water and make a habit of eating a fruit on empty stomach. Divide your three huge meals in six small portions. The right quantity and quality of nutrition consumed a week ago will pay you in the initial stages.

Detoxify your body through water fruits vegetables and cardio during a week prior. Go for a 30 minutes brisk walk or light jogging daily to sweat. Drink at least 12 glasses of water every day to flush out toxins fats and wastes. Your body will start feeling light and hydrated.

You will notice an improvement in your stamina also that is good to develop before you join a gym. Start sleeping early at night to fulfil the need of seven hours rest and revitalize it. Make a routine to wake up early in the morning as now you have to take time out for your gym from the same daily life schedule.

And when joining a gym try to achieve fitness and health from weight training exercise with consistency.nbsp;Also firmly abiding by the rules and guidelines provided by the gym instructor will certainly help achieve the goal. Sticking to the simple little guidelines and tricks can do wonders.